What To Do If You Experience Problems With Your Ford Focus Ignition

By Jason Bacot

If you own a Ford Focus, model years 2000-2006, then you may have heard of or experienced the Ford Focus ignition problems that you see discussed in forums all over the web. This is a well-known, well-documented problem, and it strikes randomly. You may have owned the car three months or three years, but there is a high probability that at some point the ignition will stick and you won’t be able to get the key out, or you won’t be able to turn the key.

With some owners, the key sticks in the ignition, and with others you have to jiggle the ignition to get it to turn. This is a very common problem, and if you own one of these cars you should be aware of it.

Here’s what happens: Inside the ignition, a series of spring-loaded wafers holds a cylinder shaped plug in place. When any of the wafers stick out into one of the grooves in the lock’s outer casing, the plug cylinder can’t be rotated. Using the proper key is what moves the wafers so that the plug can be rotated. In the Ford Focus ignition, the wafers get stuck, and eventually the cylinder gets warped, latching the wafers in place and keeping them from moving, even with the right key. Sometimes this can be fixed, but sometimes the ignition has to be replaced and re-coded to work with the keys and the other car locks.


If you are having difficulty turning the key in the ignition of your Ford Focus, or the ignition “sticks,” or the key is dirty when you remove it, or if you are unable to remove the key, then you are experiencing this problem. There are some models, such as the 2007, that appear to be having this problem, but actually have a different issue. In these cars, the automatic shifter has a tube-shaped piece of plastic trim under the handle that can prevent the shifter from going all the way into “park,” thus holding your key hostage. With these, you can pull up on the tube-shaped plastic and get the shifter to go all the way into “park.” The key should come out at this point.

If you have one of the Ford Focus models with the ignition key problem, and find yourself stuck, you have several options. You can have it towed to your Ford dealer or mechanic and have the ignition replaced. This will cost you around $350 plus the cost of the tow.

Alternatively, you can call a qualified automotive locksmith to replace the tumbler. Because this is such a common problem, good automotive locksmiths are very familiar with this problem. They can come to you with their mobile shop, replace the tumbler, code your existing Ford transponder keys, and get you moving again. This will cost around $125, and a good locksmith will guarantee their work. The aftermarket ignition switches used do not have the problem common to the original Ford ignition switches.

Anyone with a Ford Focus from model years 2000-2006 should be aware of this problem and have a plan of action ready if they should experience a stuck key. Having the number on-hand of a qualified automotive locksmith can be a real help and time-saver if the ignition switch sticks and you can’t use your keys.

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