When looking for backhoe equipment suppliers, it is important to do the proper research beforehand so you are certain to find a reputable dealer who will give you a good deal.

Backhoe equipment suppliers are easier to find than ever before thanks to the growing popularity of these machines, but did you know that not all of them are trustworthy? If you are going to be buying expensive machinery, especially if you are interested in used backhoe equipment dealers, it is important that you do some research on a few different locations that are close to you so you know if they have a good reputation or not.

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Before buying any piece of pre-owned construction equipment from backhoe equipment suppliers, it is important that you have it looked over by a qualified individual to make sure it does not have any serious mechanical problems. It is best if you are able to look over the machinery yourself however since some used backhoe equipment dealers do not like to have a third party look over their stock. Even though pre-owned equipment will be much less expensive than new, also take into consideration that there will be higher maintenance bills and you will have them more often.

Another important factor that should influence your choice of backhoe equipment suppliers is the after purchase service they offer. When you buying an expensive piece of machinery such as this, the service should not end when you drive it off the lot. You want to make sure that he company you buy from has a service center that will be able to supply you with whatever parts and maintenance you need, as well as backhoe tires and any optional attachments you may need in the future. It is best if you can sign a service contract with a company that has several different locations close to you.

It is not a bad idea to speak to different backhoe equipment suppliers near you and find out what each of their policies is regarding breakdowns, transportation, and rental backhoes that they can supply to you until yours has been fixed. This may not seem all that important now, but if you are in the middle of an important job and your machine breaks down, what are you going to do? It can cost you a lot of money and time before you will have everything back up and running, not to mention the bad reputation your company may receive.

Because you do not want to end up paying more money buying a used piece of equipment in the long run than you would brand newFree Articles, it is a good idea to do a few calculations ahead of time. So be sure to figure in all the maintenance costs that may be involved with buying from used backhoe equipment dealers before making a purchase. You will find that when you put enough time and research into finding the best deal for you that it will be much more rewarding in the end.

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Every living space needs a personality and unique style for it to truly feel like a home. One of the most common ways to change up the look of a room is by putting up stylish window treatments.

When it comes to interior design ideas, windows should be considered carefully when it comes to treatment ideas because the windows are usually a large area in a room. The window treatments can easily tie everything in the room nicely or overtake the room and make it seem smaller.

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To find out more about the popular interior design ideas of windows, consider the following styles:


Curtains are among the most popular choices for interior design ideas for windows, and there is a vast array available that can easily match anyone’s personal taste and style needs. There are curtains of different lengths, cuts and fabric blends that can easily match any décor, from the simple to the extravagant.

Choose heavier fabrics to help lock in heat and block sunlight or sheer fabrics to maintain some privacy while letting in a lot of filtered light. If you would like the best of both worlds, combine the two for a different look each time.


In many interior design ideas, windows have a variety of blinds that are placed on their own or paired with curtains. The most popular choices to mix with blinds are café curtains since they allow a fair amount of light on their own, but still add a decorative touch to blinds without completely covering them up.

Blinds have multiple slats that can be adjusted in different angles to allow as little or as much light as you need. They are usually controlled with a cord or rod handle where the rod must be twisted to control the slats.

Blinds are eitherhorizontal or vertical and can be made from a variety of materials like fabric, wood, metal and plastic. The look and price changes with each material and style, so choosing the best one for your room and needs is important whether you would like it for a short-term look or for long-term life.


Pleated curtains and blinds add texture and can reflect colour and light in a unique way. It’s a common choice for interior design ideas for windows, where it can add flare and a more geometric design to any room.

Roman shades are the most popular pleated look for window treatments for their look and ability to block or filter light, depending on the home owner’s needs.


In interior design ideas, windows used to have a valance for more extravagant and antique styles, but today a valance can match any room décor from antique to modern to Asian and more.

A valance is like a curtain but much shorter and placed at the top of the window. They are usually used on their own as a simple decorative touch; paired up with curtains or to cover window treatment hardware. There are different colour styles, fabric mixes and designs to choose from and they add an extra little touch to any window treatment design.


When it comes to interior design ideas, windows with multiple layers are becoming more and more popular for more of an artistic style and texture mix. Combine different fabrics to add depth and have a choice of light filtration with layered curtains. You can also match a pair of curtains with blinds or shades to add differences in texture and materials from hard solid materials to soft flowing fabrics.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In late 2010 a geological expedition to Antarctica drilled through the Ross Ice Shelf so they could send an ROV under it. What they found was unexpected: Sea anemones. In their thousands they were doing what no other species of sea anemone is known to do — they were living in the ice itself.

Discovered by the ANDRILL [Antarctic Drilling] project, the team was so unprepared for biological discoveries they did not have suitable preservatives and the only chemicals available obliterated the creature’s DNA. Nonetheless Marymegan Daly of Ohio State University confirmed the animals were a new species. Named Edwardsiella andrillae after the drilling project that found it, the anemone was finally described in a PLOS ONE paper last month.

ANDRILL lowered their cylindrical camera ROV down a freshly-bored 270m (890ft) hole, enabling it to reach seawater below the ice. The device was merely being tested ahead of its planned mission retrieving data on ocean currents and the sub-ice environment. Instead it found what ANDRILL director Frank Rack of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, a co-author of the paper describing the find, called the “total serendipity” of “a whole new ecosystem that no one had ever seen before”.

The discovery raises many questions. Burrowing sea anemones worm their way into substrates or use their tentacles to dig, but it’s unclear how E. andrillae enters the hard ice. With only their tentacles protruding into the water from the underneath of the ice shelf questions also revolve around how the animals avoid freezing, how they reproduce, and how they cope with the continuously melting nature of their home. Their diet is also a mystery.

What fascinates me about sea anemones is that they’re able to do things that seem impossible

E. andrillae is an opaque white, with an inner ring of eight tentacles and twelve-to-sixteen tentacles in an outer ring. The ROV’s lights produced an orange glow from the creatures, although this may be produced by their food. It measures 16–20mm (0.6–0.8in) but when fully relaxed can extend to triple that.

Genetic analysis being impossible, Daly turned to dissection of the specimens but could find nothing out of the ordinary. Scientists hope to send a biological mission to explore the area under the massive ice sheet, which is in excess of 600 miles (970km) wide. The cameras also observed worms, fish that swim inverted as if the icy roof was the sea floor, crustaceans and a cylindrical creature that used appendages on its ends to move and to grab hold of the anemones.

NASA is providing funding to aid further research, owing to possible similarities between this icy realm and Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Biological research is planned for 2015. An application for funding to the U.S. National Science Foundation, which funds ANDRILL, is also pending.

The ANDRILL team almost failed to get any samples at all. Designed to examine the seafloor, the ROV had to be inverted to examine the roof of ice. Weather conditions prevented biological sampling equipment being delivered from McMurdo Station, but the scientists retrieved 20–30 anemones by using hot water to stun them before sucking them from their burrows with an improvised device fashioned from a coffee filter and a spare ROV thruster. Preserved on-site in ethanol, they were taken to McMurdo station where some were further preserved with formaldehyde.

((Wikinews)) How did you come to be involved with this discovery?

Marymegan Daly: Frank Rack got in touch after they returned from Antarctica in hopes that I could help with an identification on the anemone.

((Wikinews)) What was your first reaction upon learning there was an undiscovered ecosystem under the ice in the Ross Sea?

MD I was amazed and really excited. I think to say it was unexpected is inaccurate, because it implies that there was a well-founded expectation of something. The technology that Frank and his colleagues are using to explore the ice is so important because, given our lack of data, we have no reasonable expectation of what it should be like, or what it shouldn’t be like.

((Wikinews)) There’s a return trip planned hopefully for 2015, with both biologists and ANDRILL geologists. Are you intending to go there yourself?

MD I would love to. But I am also happy to not go, as long as someone collects more animals on my behalf! What I want to do with the animals requires new material preserved in diverse ways, but it doesn’t require me to be there. Although I am sure that being there would enhance my understanding of the animals and the system in which they live, and would help me formulate more and better questions about the anemones, ship time is expensive, especially in Antarctica, and if there are biologists whose contribution is predicated on being there, they should have priority to be there.

((Wikinews)) These animals are shrouded in mystery. Some of the most intriguing questions are chemical; do they produce some kind of antifreeze, and is that orange glow in the ROV lights their own? Talk us through the difficulties encountered when trying to find answers with the specimens on hand.

MD The samples we have are small in terms of numbers and they are all preserved in formalin (a kind of formaldehyde solution). The formalin is great for preserving structures, but for anemones, it prevents study of DNA or of the chemistry of the body. This means we can’t look at the issue you raise with these animals. What we could do, however, was to study anatomy and figure out what it is, so that when we have samples preserved for studying e.g., the genome, transcriptome, or metabolome, or conduct tests of the fluid in the burrows or in the animals themselves, we can make precise comparisons, and figure out what these animals have or do (metabolically or chemically) that lets them live where they live.
Just knowing a whole lot about a single species isn’t very useful, even if that animal is as special as these clearly are — we need to know what about them is different and thus related to living in this strange way. The only way to get at what’s different is to make comparisons with close relatives. We can start that side of the work now, anticipating having more beasts in the future.
In terms of their glow, I suspect that it’s not theirs — although luminescence is common in anemone relatives, they don’t usually make light themselves. They do make a host of florescent proteins, and these may interact with the light of the ROV to give that gorgeous glow.

((Wikinews)) What analysis did you perform on the specimens and what equipment was used?

MD I used a dissecting scope to look at the animal’s external anatomy and overall body organization (magnification of 60X). I embedded a few of the animals in wax and then cut them into very thin slices using a microtome, mounted the slices on microscope slides, stained the slices to enhance contrast, and then looked at those slides under a compound microscope (that’s how I got the pictures of the muscles etc in the paper). I used that same compound scope to look at squashed bits of tissue to see the stinging capsules (=nematocysts).
I compared the things I saw under the ‘scopes to what had been published on other species in this group. This step seems trivial, but it is really the most important part! By comparing my observations to what my colleagues and predecessors had found, I figured out what group it belongs to, and was able to determine that within that group, it was a new species.

((Wikinews)) It was three years between recovery of specimens and final publication, why did it take so long?

MD You mean, how did we manage to make it all happen so quickly, right? 🙂 It was about two years from when Frank sent me specimens to when we got the paper out. Some of that time was just lost time — I had other projects in the queue that I needed to finish. Once we figured out what it was, we played a lot of manuscript email tag, which can be challenging and time consuming given the differing schedules that folks keep in terms of travel, field work, etc. Manuscript review and processing took about four months.

((Wikinews)) What sort of difficulties were posed by the unorthodox preservatives used, and what additional work might be possible on a specimen with intact DNA?

MD The preservation was not unorthodox — they followed best practices for anatomical preservation. Having DNA-suitable material will let us see whether there are new genes, or genes turned on in different ways and at different times that help explain how these animals burrow into hard ice and then survive in the cold. I am curious about the population structure of the “fields” of anemones — the group to which Edwardsiella andrillae belongs includes many species that reproduce asexually, and it’s possible that the fields are “clones” produced asexually rather than the result of sexual reproduction. DNA is the only way to test this.

((Wikinews)) Do you have any theories about the strategies employed to cope with the harsh environment of burrowing inside an ice shelf?

MD I think there must be some kind of antifreeze produced — the cells in contact with ice would otherwise freeze.

((Wikinews)) How has such an apparently large population of clearly unusual sea anemones, not to mention the other creatures caught on camera, gone undetected for so long?

MD I think this reflects how difficult it is to get under the ice and to collect specimens. That being said, since the paper came out, I have been pointed towards two other reports that are probably records of these species: one from Japanese scientists who looked at footage from cameras attached to seals and one from Americans who dove under ice. In both of these cases, the anemone (if that’s what they saw) was seen at a distance, and no specimens were collected. Without the animals in hand, or the capability of a ROV to get close up for pictures, it is hard to know what has been seen, and lacking a definitive ID, hard to have the finding appropriately indexed or contextualized.

((Wikinews)) Would it be fair to say this suggests there may be other undiscovered species of sea anemone that burrow into hard substrates such as ice?

MD I hope so! What fascinates me about sea anemones is that they’re able to do things that seem impossible given their seemingly limited toolkit. This finding certainly expands the realm of possible.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

An advertisement for Dove beauty products has been viewed by well over three million people, without ever being on television. A copywriter from Ogilvy Toronto, the advertising agency that created a spot named “evolution”, uploaded the advertisement to video sharing website YouTube.

While the official upload of the ad itself has been viewed 1,119,262 times, there are dozens of copies of the ad on YouTube, adding to a minimum of 3,059,546 views. The official copy of the video is the website’s 12th most viewed this month, 53rd of all time.

Unofficial uploads have each received high levels of viewership, with 449595, 445322, 207906, 201670, 195265, 116501, and 102634 plays.

The agency did not originally intend to upload the video to YouTube, only display it on the company’s homepage. Staff member Tim Piper uploaded it to his account on October 6, about a week before it first got media coverage on Good Morning America.

The ad begins with a woman walking into a photo shoot. From there, she is primped and plucked by hair and makeup artists, then tweaked on a Photoshop-like program. The photo-manipulation is then posted on a billboard for the fictional “Easel Foundation Makeup” brand. Two young, teenage girls walk past, glancing at the board. “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted” ends the ad in text, “Every girl deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is.”

The creative team for the ad included Tim Piper, Mike Kirkland, Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk, directors T Piper (treatment and post production) and Yael Staav (live action) from Reginald Pike, Soho post production, Rogue editing, Vapor music, Gabor Jurina and Make-up: Diana Carreiro, and Reginald Pike.

The official French copy of the ad has only received 132 views, although it was only uploaded on November 2, 2006.

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Deciding for vacations is among little bit tiring and tedious task. But the financial aspect of the vacation planning is the most horrible thing for the planner actually more of a trip sponsor. Well there are things that cannot be compromised during the vacation planning like the luggage and the conveyance.

Deciding for vacations is among little bit tiring and tedious task. But the financial aspect of the vacation planning is the most horrible thing for the planner actually more of a trip sponsor. Well there are things that cannot be compromised during the vacation planning like the luggage and the conveyance. But there are things that can be so economically planned that they can even cover up for the expenses of the luggage and the conveyance. I am talking about the stay during the vacations, well unbelievable isn?t it? But it is possible with the vacation options like home switch or apartment swaps. This is the new thing in the vacation planning sector and is the rapidly gaining popularity. So what?s in these services is discussed in the following articles.

Advantages of home swap services

YouTube Preview Image

By employing these services you get to avail the benefit of living in a new house just at the cost of swapping your home in return. Just do not run to conclusions what you are offered for exchange is in comparable condition to your home. You have choices available from all over the world and you can choose even foreign residential homes for swapping. This whole process starts with getting yourself enrolled in the customer or the client list of any such service provider. For searching the best and reliable such service provider you should go online. In the online world every service provider is like an open book there are always testimonials and blogs available for testing their trust factor. Next is the payment for the registration you just need to pay reasonable amount of money for getting the best apartment swap services at your doorstep. You need to provide the picture collection of the interiors and the exterior of your homes and then you are ready to go. They will do the rest of the formalities from deciding on the swapping charges to the allotting charges if applicable for your property. Being the economic and easy way of stay selection is one advantage of this service there are other advantages as well. You get to avail the experience of the self serviced vacations or tours in a foreign land too. Even you can sometimes use the domestic services of the allotted house; there are some minimal charges for this.

To start with

If you are new to the concept of this home swapping service then for sure you will not be confident on the conduct of others in your place. Things get more complicated when you leave your place under someone else?s guardian. To get more familiar and comfortable with these services you can start with weekends swapping services. This option is the best way to start experiencing the pros and cons of a house switching service. For getting best swapping options it is better to start early like a month or two before the final schedule of your vacations, as it will help you to avoid any compromises in the location selection.

Apartment swapping services are somewhat the next generation concept of vacation planning, but believe me there?s no other such option for feeling such stay fun and thrill.

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Apart from your lessen legs, your quadriceps and glutes will quickly think and indicate the influence of a workout on the elliptical trainer. Apparently the elliptical trainer is even more successful at burning calories than a treadmill!.

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Enhance the effect of an elliptical machine as a 24hr fitness trainer, by deciding upon a machine that also capabilities handlebars for a incredibly effective total human body exercise. The elliptical cross trainer selection has the very same ‘walking’ action as an normal elliptical trainer, but also performs your arms, shoulders and chest. The additional selection these plans present, not only make this a extremely efficient complete-entire body kind of workout, but also adds curiosity that is most likely to keep boredom at bay. No matter if climbing or making use of the machine as an elliptical glider, you will get a terrific exercise with swift, visible success. An elliptical trainer session is also a wonderful warmup for strength teaching with weights. The elliptical movement is a combination of a biking and skiing movement, and combined with the arm action, is the most effective of the 3 24hr fitness choices described here.

Muscle fitness and cardio conditioning is no sweat with your personal 24hr fitness middle at residence.

Products that is quite highly-priced and incredibly helpful need to be taken care of. A treadmill is an individual of all those expensive equipments. The excellent point about this treadmill is that it is capable of undergoing treadmill alternative parts which is a quite crucial factor for certain tools.

The treadmill is a great invention that is constructed specifically for holding us in form, healthy and healthy and balanced. Boosting your metabolic process and burning calories is what you will need to hold you physically match. It can also be a type of rehabilitation for stroke victims that are unable to stroll. The cardiology vascular premiums are remaining monitored to guide these stroke victims. Holding you wholesome and physically suit and is in a position to help people people today that requirements enable like as stroke victims, what more can you ask from a device.

On the other hand, for the reason that these treadmills are just a machine, it has the complete break-down talents just like any other machines. It is a truth that treadmill will break down just after many years of very difficult perform and wanting to serve the customers. When the treadmill breaks down, then there are some factors to take into consideration and get an action. Initial, obtain your papers containing the specs and details about the treadmill. Attempt to examine out the warranty interval and what parts are on warranty. Second, decide what is mistaken with the treadmill. To ascertain the difficulty, consider to observe to begin with the physical element of the treadmill these as the sound, the degree of fastness, and the counting. Third is to look at to converse to the seller or the manufacturer. These kinds of dealers will have sections available to make the essential repairs. If the seller does not offer you a repair support then it is better to look and feel for an independent repair human being that can fix your treadmill.

This sort of equipment is pretty costly, thus more care really should be given to it. You cannot keep away from the situations that your treadmill might break down, but then you really should not fret about that a lot considering that this treadmill can undergo treadmill replacement areas.

Kingston, the city that stands witness to a huge influx of students each year, make it difficult for universities to accommodate them in student halls. This becomes a challenge for most of the students who struggle to get choice able living spaces in Liverpool. Thanks to the range of PBSAs offered by property providers that eventually help students to live the best years of their lives in the accommodation of their choice.

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Kingston, a town in Greater London, England makes university living a breeze for students with

convenient homes and great transport accessibility options. By accessibility, we mean, viability

to have public transport whenever the need arises and within close proximity. The accommodation hunt becomes a dream come true with ready accessibility to all means of transport to make the daily commute to the university effortless along with other travel options and discounts available for students. Here are the various accessibility options available from popular student housing Kingston.

Bright House

Located in the prominent Kingston Road area, Bright House is an excellent student dwelling when it comes to transport connectivity and accessibility of the same. Students can reach campus in less than 7 minutes by foot, helping them save both time and money on their daily commute to lectures. With a 10-minutes’ walk to the Kingston station, Bright House is well connected to the entire city via public transport. Those who love traveling, have access to Hampton Wick Railway The station is just 15-minutes’ walk away. This makes it easy to plan weekend getaways or spontaneous little trips when you have time to spare.

Davidson House

Davidson House student accommodation is within close proximity to public transport. Furthermore, students will discover the best-rated restaurants with transport limits and are available within a mile radius. The area is well-connected, with the closest metro station within 6 minutes and the nearest bus stop just 8-minutes’ away. Students can walk to the Penrhyn Road campus, as that is only 4-minutes’ away. Visit different places around the area is also made easy to explore Kingston, starting with Hampton Court Maze and the beautiful Coronation Stone.

Quebec House

The Quebec student accommodation area has strong links to public transport, making it easy to travel around the area without burning a hole in the pocket. Students can likewise go to Penrhyn Road grounds, which is just a 10-minutes’ walk away. It is recommended checking out both Richmond Park and Chessington World of Adventures as a fun weekend activity, especially for students new to Kingston.

One Penrhyn Road

This is an accommodation which is in an altogether pristine location, conveniently located within walking distance of 5-minutes from the Kingston University, saving the students from a tiring journey to and fro to college. It is also quite close to St Mary’s or Roehampton University with buses running from Penrhyn Road. The accommodation is at a pristine location for those who want to explore the city of London. With the Kingston Station, just a 10 minute walk away, you can easily board a train and reach the heart of London in 30 minutes. Students can relax and discover a world of serenity and just take a 5-minute walk and find themselves looking out towards the peaceful water of the river Thames.

The aforementioned prominent student accommodations Kingston offers an amazing range of en-suite rooms and studios with great transport accessibility option to save a lot on the daily commute and also have time for more productive work. Websites like University LivingFeature Articles, a global student housing marketplace offers perfect guidance to students and helps them book budget-oriented student accommodation in the city of Kingston.

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There are tips that will help you make serious savings without putting hurting yourself. Would you like to learn more about them? Then read through and use the following highly effective time-tested steps to paying a lot less…

If you wish to cut your premium, increase your deductible. That is, if you select the biggest deductible amount possible, you’ll also attract the cheapest rate given similar circumstances.

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In spite of this, it’s necessary to point out that you must NOT be captivated by your quest to cut costs that you fail to note that this amount is what you’d compelled to supply once you file claims. An excellent suggestion is to make it as big as you can contribute with a relative amount of ease. Also, keep something aside for your deductible in the way of savings, for instance, if it’s high.

If you’re one of those drivers who just require legal insurance, then by all means, choose the highest deductible amount. In peculiar situations, it is truly best to get the bare minimum degree of coverage stipulated by law. One scenario is if you own an old car that’s valued at less than five hundred dollars.

It is imperative that you drive maturely consistently. You will benefit a lot if you can take on this way of life. If you are a really cautious driver, then you will cut down the odds of you being to blame for an accident. This implies, by extension, that you’ll attract fewer liability claims if at all. Two, you will bring down the probability of filing a claim for repairs due to an accident. Apart from these two, an excellent record suggests that you won’t have your premium raised high all of a sudden.

And for those who are not aware already, there’s the NO Claims Bonus which you should be eligible for if you keep this way of life. Just discuss for a few minutes with any expert and you’ll see the countless merits of being a cautious and responsible driver. Even if you don’t enjoy any concession, the fact that you are keeping you and yours out of harm’s way is really something to be really proud of, in my opinion.

There are several things that an old driver can do to be considered a better risk — This comes with more affordable rates. One right suggestion would be to enrol and complete a special course for seniors from a center that’s recognized by your carrier.

If you are unsure about the right one to enrol with and how beneficial it will be to your relationship with your insurance carrier, consult your agent. The savings you’ll get for this is attractive and in order but the joy of knowing that you have improved your ability to be a safe driver as a senior should be an even bigger reward.

Do you intend to spend far less for superior coverage? Then you have to take your studies more seriously and keep up really good results. Providers have a exclusive discount known as the Good Student Discount. It’s only for students whose grade point are a minimum of B’s.

But why do carriers give a discount for this? They’ve discovered, with various studies, that students who sustain outstanding grades are generally lower risks due to their interests. They insist that students who maintain really outstanding academic records are rarely seen to participate in high risk behavior. Their dedication to their academics leaves them little time to get involved in an accident that would compel an insurer to make a compensation.

The following paragraphs show why you should have ab equipment in the luggage and give you an idea which item might be the best for you. Abdominal exercise equipment for the luggage has to be small, light and nevertheless effective. The ab wheel, ab slings, or a doorway sit up bar fulfil these terms.

More and more people have understood that regular workout is good to stay fit and healthy up until old age. Many people choose abdominal exercises because it is quickly done and very effective. The benefits are better posture, better breathing and better digestion. Long-term benefits are: better BMR, better weight control, a stronger body and better bones. Using devices of ab equipment improves the success.

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A problem for many people is that they can not do their daily routine because of travelling, e.g. in business, and have to interrupt their regular workout. They could solve this problem by taking along a small item of exercise equipment. An ab roller wheel, ab slings, or a doorway sit up bar in the luggage could be the right solution for them.

Ab wheels are wheels on a stick. Actually most of them are double ab wheels for better balance. We kneel, grab the stick on both sides and roll forward and back. That works the whole upper body, especially the abdominals. This is difficult for people with weak core muscles. The body can drop down. A good tip for beginners is rolling toward a wall. Stopped by the wall, it is easier to roll back. There are brand ab roller wheels to find on the internet with a diameter of 7 inches, fitting in many suitcases. Disassembled they fit even easier.

Doorway sit up bars are little metal constructions with a bar. They can be fixed at almost every door to be ready to support lower body workout. Even beginners can perform sit ups, crunches and leg raises very well supported by a sit up bar. For the luggage, the sit up bar seems somewhat bulky. But mostly we can screw off the bar and have two pieces for better packing. The best sit up bar for the luggage seems to be the SPRI Pro line sit up bar. Its special design, foot stirrups connected to a cushioned door anchor by a pliable nylon strap, makes it flat and easy to pack.

Ab sling exercises are performed in a hanging position without pressure for back and neck. Gravity and body weight give additional resistance for the workout. On the first view ab slings, also called hanging ab straps, seem to be the best exercise equipment for the luggage. There are very flat ab straps available. But caution: Ab slings need to hang on something before we can hang and workout on them. If there is space enough for a simple doorway chin up bar in the luggage as well, this combo is great.

The doorway sit up bar and the ab roller wheel seem to be the best abdominal exercise equipment for the luggage. Which one is the best for you depends on the fact whether you prefer an upper body or a lower body workout. For travelling by car, all of the introduced items are easily to put in the trunk. All of them are inexpensive. All are great for abdominal exercises at home, on tour and even in the office. Last but not least, for all who would like to start such great exercises here a few tips: Perform concentrated and not hasty, breathe regularly, and in case of health problems double check with the doctor before starting a workout routine.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dublin — Yahoo!, the internet portal, today announced it has chosen Dublin, Ireland as the location of its European Headquarters. Ireland beat off stiff competition from other European countries to win the investment. The move is expected to create over 400 jobs – two thirds of which are expected to be for graduates with skills in information technology, financial services, customer support and website editorial.

Earlier in the month, Ireland lost a potentially multi-billion euro investment by Dell for a new manufacturing facility to Scotland. This was a huge disappointment for IDA Ireland – the countries main development agency – which had offered heavy incentives to the US computer maker. This brought about fears that Ireland had lost its ability to attract high-value investments from foreign multinationals – the driving force of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger economy.

Speaking about the investment, the Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheál Martin, said winning the Yahoo project was a “truly outstanding achievement for Ireland”. Yahoo’s Senior Vice President International, John Marcom, said the decision to locate its European operations headquarters in Ireland was influenced by a “number of factors” which included “the calibre and volume of graduates available in Ireland, the up to date cost competitive telecommunications and data centre infrastructure, and the assistance of IDA Ireland.”

Yahoo is one of the world’s largest internet companies. Its decision to locate in Ireland confirms Dublin’s continued attractiveness to internet and technology companies – Google, Bell Labs, eBay, Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle all have significant Irish operations.


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