The American Fridge Freezers The Past And Future

Submitted by: DOLA RAHEEM

American fridge freezers are now used all over the world and have come about after a hundred and fifty years of perfecting its development. From its beginnings in Victoria, Australia in 1857, the use of different refrigeration processes have come a long way. It began with a man whose name was James Harrison first invented an ice making and refrigeration machine.

Harrison’s invention was primarily for the meat packing and brewing in Victoria where he lived. Not long afterwards, a Frenchman came up with another technique that involved using rapid expanding ammonia instead of air as a coolant. The inventors name was Ferdinand Carre and his new method stayed popular until the next century. Absorption fridges were the idea of a pair of students from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters had their 1922 design taken global by manufacturer Electrolux. Although the first patent was actually by someone called Carl Von Lunde.


Von Lunde made refrigeration practical. Until his patented model the usual set up was a motor and compressor kept in a basement or room next to the kitchen. They would then have a cool box in the kitchen that was run by the mechanical workings in an adjacent room. There were lots of reasons that stopped refrigerators becoming popular in homes. It was not just because of the size of the installation and maintenance of the equipment. The actual cost involved meant that it was not a good idea to have the installation to save money on food wastage. It was more suited for commercial ventures but that was all about to change.

In 1927 a design that was made popular had it’s workings sat on top of the fridge. The appliance made by General Electric was mass produced to the tune of over a million units. Now the home appliance market could really take off as people were finally able to afford to have a refrigerator in the kitchen. Using sulfur dioxide there are some working models still around today but they can not be legally refilled. Sulfur dioxide is dangerous to humans and animals and so the use of this system had to stop.

It was in the 1930’s that really saw the fridge become an item that was used every day and 60% of US households owned one. Similar numbers didn’t happen in Europe until the seventies and recently the design of American fridge freezers have become popular. For some reason the ice dispenser and side by side design is something of an iconic refrigerator image. In the forties that standalone deep freezes were made popular but it was taken to mass production until the fifties. What helped was additions to the basic functions such as automatic defrosting. This plus the revolution in the frozen food market meant there was more call for larger frozen food storage.

In today’s modern society we can refrigerate anything from a single beer can all the way up to super ships that transport food. Some newer features that are in development are as innovative as the actual creation of the first fridge. Things like a food monitor that knows when you are running low on items and emails an order to your local store to arrange a delivery automatically. As with everything, the next generation of home refrigeration units are definitely something to look forward to.

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