Affordable Quality Above Ground Pool Decks}

Affordable Quality Above Ground Pool Decks


Alex Mandelona

The list of accessories currently available for above ground pools just keeps on growing and prefabricated above ground pool decks are just one of the new additions to this list. So whats the benefit of a prefabbed deck of this sort and is it any cheaper then building a standard wooden deck? Also, can your average johnny homeowner put one together with no previous carpentry experience?

Engineered Metal Substructure

To begin with, all of the prefabricated above ground pool decks are a cheaper and much easier alternative to building your own by conventional means. Why is that? Its because prefabricated, engineered above ground pool decks use a metal substructure in place of standard lumber underpinning. This makes for far less cost on materials and a substructure that is easy to construct and completely impervious to decay.

No Waste on Decking

The underpinning an any standard wooden deck is generally constructed from heavier thicker lumber that will always carry a high price tag and it is where a major portion of the expense in building a deck lies. Also, because the wooden decking on a prefabricated above ground pool deck comes pre measured and cut to exact specifications, all waste on decking is completely eliminated.

No Previous Experience Required

As any builder or home remodeler will tell you calculate your material costs and then double it and that will put you in the area of what your actual final material expenses will be. Going it alone and learning as you go in home construction projects more often than not, usually turns out to be an expensive learning experience. So, with a prefabricated above ground pool deck you are insured that you expense calculations are right on the money and your finished results will also be flawless.

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