How To Convert Pdf To I Books 2 Epub For I Pad

How To Convert PDF to iBooks 2 Epub For iPad



Apple Inc. introduced a service to make digital versions of textbooks available on the iPad and beef up the education content for the tablet computer as it gains popularity in classrooms.

The new service, called

iBooks 2

, will help make textbooks more interactive with videos, animations and search features, Phil Schiller, Apple\’s senior vice president of product marketing, said today at an event in New York. More than 1.5 million iPads are being used for educational purposes, he said.

iBooks app embed in iPad brings a lot of fun for us and certainly iPhone, iPod is also among the iBooks back up rank. iBooks uses a eBook format named Epub, which is the best format for reading freely and quickly on iBooks.

But many users want to read open PDF files on the portable devices as good as Epub, but things are not as ideal as they expect:

1. After load all our magazine PDFs to our iPad but none of the photos in the Coifs show up?


2. we can\’t side load the PDF files like they let us do the Epub books?

3. When we try to open them in mail on the iPhone for transfer over and have them on both devices and we may get an error that the file was too large?

4. When sync PDF to iPad, All existing songs, movies and TV shows on the iPad \”The-iPad\’ will be removed.\”

To read PDF on iBooks is rather struggling and not cool at all, so just convert the PDF to Epub directly, so we won\’t meet any problem above or other unexpected situation. The toolkit you will use is right the

Mac PDF to iBooks Converter

, it is better and more stable way than any other methods.

Easy guide to convert

PDF to Epub for iBooks


Step 1:

Run the

PDF to iBooks Converter

. Add the PDF file to the main interface.


You can enter the page you want to convert in the \”Select Pages\” option.

Step 2:

Save the target file(s) in source folder or Customize by yourself. See the screen:

Step 3:

Click \”Start\” to begin the PDF to Epub Conversion.

The next you should do is sync it to iPad, iPhone, iPod:

*Open iTunes and click on the \”Books\” tab under Library section

*Drag & Drop your Epubs right in iTunes while you\’re in the Books tab

*Connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod to your computer, click on \”Books\” within the iPad/iPhone/iPad data sync window

*You\’ll see the Epubs you just dragged and just simply Sync them to your iPad.

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PDF to Epub Converter for Mac

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