How To Carry Out A Home Diy Painting Project Successfully?

If you are on a home improvement project undertaking DIY painting for your walls can bring out some very effective results and give your home a beautiful facelift. Painting your home by yourself can save up a lot of money and make the whole project very enjoyable and rewarding especially if you can get other members of your family involved in the task.While doing a DIY painting project for your home it is very important to choose colors that will compliment the style and utility of each room. It is also advisable to ask all your family members about their preferred shades so that you can bring in a personal touch to your house as well. Carrying out the whole task in an organized way is the key to a clean and successful painting project. Listed below is a step by step guideline to take up DIY painting for your home successfully:1.Decide suitable colors Choosing a suitable color for your walls is the most important part of DIY painting. Bright and vibrant colors are ideal for nurseries and living rooms while pastel shades are suitable for bedrooms as they give a soothing effect. If you have a narrow hallway it is always better to opt for a lighter shade which would make the room look more airy and spacious.2.Pick up quality emulsions While picking up your paints ensure that it is of good quality. There are a numerous stores that sell exclusive emulsions for DIY painting which allow you to get your own shade as well as choose between a gloss and a matt finish.3.Purchase DIY painting tools Invest in quality tools in order to do a clean and smooth job. When picking up rollers purchase a big as well as a small one which can be used in the corners and bottoms of the walls. Apart from rollers, you would need paint buckets, thinner and masking tape.4.Prepare the room While undertaking DIY painting for your home paint one room at a time by removing all the furniture and covering boards and frames with masking tape. Also ensure that you are wearing loose and comfortable clothes.5.Clean the walls Use a wet sponge to clean the walls and allow them to dry up before DIY painting.6.Apply even coats You can either carry out DIY painting onto the plastering or use a primer first. Let the first coat of paint dry up before applying the second one.Once you have finished DIY painting your walls, clean out your tools as well as the living area as soon as possible to avoid any tough stains. So go ahead and follow the above instructions and give your home a sparkling look by painting it a suitable and complementary color yourself.