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There are portals opening up all over the Earth. These portals are receiving energy and releasing energy. Many people have portals on their property and in and around their homes. These portals are getting bigger and in the future will get so large that they merge and become the prominent energy on the planet. This is the fifth dimension.

The energy inside the portal is often spiraling and or wavy with a sensation of energy going up and or coming down. Feeling dizzy and light headed is common as well.

There are other energies that use these portals for travel.

Being aware of what is going on around your house may already have come to your attention. Unusual sounds, feeling tired and then super energized and dizziness are all symptomatic of the energies from these portals. There are many people who experience alien beings coming through the portals as well as dreams, feelings and in person!

The duality exists in the Universe as much as it does on Earth. There are good aliens just as much as there are bad aliens. There are good people and there are bad people.

The duality of the Universe is something we will continue to experience to varying degrees as we move into a higher vibration and consciousness.

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When we get to a higher consciousness we no longer have the need to assess the good or the bad. We simply observe it. Staying aware of your environment and not checking out through drugs and alcohol will help you to stay present in your body. Staying present allows you the opportunity to experience this as we move quickly with the energy.

Time and space will also feel a bit altered and your sensitivity heightened. Your fear will only draw you back into the duality and it is in this realm that we experience our resistance.

Grounding, meditation, breathing, yoga and exercise are all ways we can stay present and experience the moment. Keep your vibration high and connect with Divine Love. This will not only help you in this process but it will protect you and move you into the fifth dimension with ease.

Divine Love

We have all reincarnated many times here on Earth. Our past lives have created who we are today and our future self is helping us. We are evolving as spiritual beings and who we become in the distant future will one day look back at this as another lifetime that we endured shifts and changes here on Earth.

Allow yourself to connect with yourself in the future and receive the wisdom and knowledge that you have. Smile at yourself and know you have been living in four dimensions and you are currently moving into the fifth dimension. This will open up awareness that you are actually living in a multi-dimensional reality.

With one simple shift of your energy, focus on your heart and connect with Divine Love. Divine Love is the very essence of what we are made of and what we return to when we go back in to spirit form. We are all from Divine Love and by connecting with this energy we reconnect to a much greater vibration in the Universe.

Remember you are in the future reminding yourself to make this transition with ease. Your resistance will only delay your transformation. Let go of your jealousy and envy of others. Celebrate in who you are for what you do and what you bring to each and every moment of your life and the lives that you touch. Let others be who they are and celebrate in your differences.

The more we move into loving each other for who we are the more we move towards our own spiritual evolution. With a peaceful transition into the fifth dimension I embrace each of you with love.

The Soul’s Symphony

When we have a need to prove ourselves we miss the opportunity to accept and appreciate what our energy brings forth. Just by being here on Earth we are able to contribute an important energy that is unique to each soul and makes up a huge concert of energies that all play together like a symphony!

Our energy is deeply connected to the Universe and totally unique within each of us. Our individuality is something that needs to be celebrated. We are not all the same and each of us with our own unique energy has something special that we bring to the planet.

If you want a more spiritual connection do your homework and process your karmic baggage identifying where you are wounded. Through a deeper physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process forgive those who have wronged you and learn how to parent your own inner child. This will lead you back to the center which is forgiving yourself.

It is through the emotional body that we are able to clear the pathway for our original energy as souls to come through. When you choose this path your spiritual body is opened and your evolution that much quicker.

Neglecting the emotional work and staying focused through the intellectual process can leave a person feeling void of any real spiritual understanding; for they are still disconnected from their feelings. There is no real experience that can be grounded if we are not processing our feelings on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. We are very good at covering up and medicating our unresolved emotional pain that can eventually manifest in the physical body. Yet this very pain is the key to our spiritual growth and evolution.

We must look at what is under that pain and discoverer the beautiful reservoir that resides within each of our souls filled with energy that is connected to the Universe and a karmic knowledge that when understood allows our consciousness to evolve.

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By Joseph Pressley

There are different strategies for self defense that you can choose from. These methods help you protect yourself from a very risky circumstance. A key self defense strategy is to avoid blows as much as possible and end conflicts as soon as possible.

The best way to avoid being injured in an attack is to avoid the attack itself or, barring that, to avoid the blows being thrown. This is something achieved with mental, verbal, and physical strategies that even the least physically imposing person can master. This means that anyone is capable of doing it and it is already a big advantage for you when in the middle of dangerous situations.

Mental strategies to avoid blows include simply being aware of your surroundings and the mental state of people in the general area. Is someone fuming and close to the edge as far as anger is concerned? Is there a person lingering at the fringe of a group, scanning the area for a victim? Are there cues to a person’s mental state that you should not only be aware of but convince yourself to take seriously? Are there areas in my path that are potentially dangerous?

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Being aware of potential threats and working to neutralize them is the first and best way to avoid injury. You need to avoid them if you feel that there is something very suspicious about their actions and whether you noticed that they have been following you from a distance.

Verbal strategies of self defense involve talking down a potential attacker before the situation escalates into a physical altercation. One strategy is to avoid responding to verbal abuse from the attacker and, instead, calming them down by perhaps even agreeing with them or otherwise placating them. Reminding the attacker of the consequences of their actions without taunting or threatening can de-escalate the situation as well. Even simply keeping the attacker talking while you edge out of the room is an effective means to avoid conflict. You must outwit your attacker if you seem to notice that he or she will likely hit or harm you.

Physical strategies for self defense aim to protect the face or head, two vulnerable spots on the body. Avoiding blows to those two areas is crucial. One strategy is to turn in to the attacker when grabbed, rather than turning away. Because the attacker expects you to flee, this strategy is surprising and puts him or her on the defensive. You are now positioned to swiftly attack with a jab to the eyes or a kick to the groin area.

Another simple avoidance strategy is simply to drop. When you suspect that a blow is coming, drop down quickly. Avoid further blows by kicking the attacker from the ground. If blows are unavoidable, protect your face and head with your arms and elbows.

Simple techniques for avoiding or shortening conflict will prevent injury and sometimes prevent the attack entirely. Once you have successfully prevented the attack, you have saved yourself from a very dangerous situation.

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By Sean A. Kelly

Good home mortgage products are offered by one of the nation’s top banks, US Bank. The US bank home mortgage offers a wide range of mortgage products to its customers. The products include conventional loans, jumbo loans, refinance loans and many others. It is one bank that offers good benefits and customer service or they will have to pay for the inconvenience. The US bank offices can be seen in most of the cities. It helps its customers with online payments and easy record keeping. The US bank home mortgage also provides its customers with online tools like mortgage calculators and view rate charts that can help the customers to sketch the loan plan that may be best for their dream home. The talks with mortgage loan officers of the bank may help you choose the best product, for your prevailing financial position. Like any other bank, US bank has requirements that have to be met by the customer to sign for a mortgage.

Any mortgage loan has some basic criteria set by the bank, which only when met can help you get the loan. This usually begins with verifying your credit history. A good credit history and a favorable credit score can help you to find a low rate loan. If you have had negative reports on your credit history or if your credit score is low, you may only qualify for a high rate mortgage. This may eventually increase your monthly payments. It may be better to repair your credit before applying for a loan, if it had been poor earlier. This requirement with respect to credit history may be common to all types of loans. Applying for a refinance loan may also call for verification of credit history for its approval. With a refinance loan, you may generally pay the existing mortgage by taking a new loan. Refinancing an existing mortgage may get you lower rates, or lower loan terms, or you may also get cash out of the loan that may be used for other purposes.

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The refi US bank home loan may also require the credit history reports of the applicant. If you are applying for a new mortgage in the existence of an old mortgage, then your equity in the home may be a major factor in deciding the loan approval. The amount of equity and the total balance yet to be paid on the first mortgage may affect the loan approval. The next factor may be the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio of the applicant. The DTI decides your ability to make monthly payments towards paying your debts successfully. The bank offers many refinance products to its customers.

The US bank refinancing home loan products include Streamline Refinance that may help the current customers for refinancing their mortgage. The program is considered to be one of the fastest and most convenient methods to lower your mortgage payments. There are regular refinance products that can help anybody eligible for the program. The program can help to lower interest rates, lower the loan term and may even help include the closing costs to the new loan. The cash-out type refinancing is another type offered for customers willing to take out some cash from the loan that may be used for other purposes. The cash-out refinance may usually involve the equity of your home. The loan may have low interest rates and the cash difference received can be used to make home improvements or pay debts.

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