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The largest organ of the body, skin helps protect the organs from diseases and toxins. Dry skin could be result of numerous factors, including poor hygiene, sun exposure and heredity.

However, healthy lifestyle habits such as avoiding smoking and maintaining proper hygiene can not only support skin health but can also help reduce skin dryness to a great extent. This in addition to taking proper vitamins for healthy skin can further maximize the benefits.

So, heres a list of essential supplements and vitamins for healthy skin, you should consider taking when suffering from dry skin problems:

1. Gamma-linolenic Acids

GLAs or gamma-linolenic acids are the essential fatty acids which help the body produce prostaglandins, a hormone like structure which helps support various functions of the body. GLAs help support supple skin and can be obtained from evening primrose oil, black currant

oil and borage oil.

2. Vitamin B6

A water soluble vitamin, Vitamin B6 helps support enzyme production, transfer of oxygen throughout the body and also metabolism. An essential vitamin for healthy skin, Vitamin B6 helps prevent painful skin conditions, including dry cracks around the mouth. It can be

obtained from bananas, potatoes, chicken breast, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, rainbow trout and vitamin-fortified cereals.

3. Fish Oil

A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil can help reduce inflammation and may also support cardiovascular health along with brain function. It also helps alleviate the problem of skin dryness to a great extent. You get fulfill your bodys omega-3 requirements by eating fish, including herring, albacore tuna, wild salmon, etc. Alternatively, you can also opt for high quality fish dietary


4. Other Essential Vitamins For Healthy Skin

There are many vitamins which may help promote healthy skin.

Vitamin A: This vitamin is a great weapon to fight against problems related to skin dryness and pre-mature aging. It helps skin look at its best as it prevents pigmentation and wrinkles.

Riboflavin: This vitamin is critical for normal growth and repair of cells. It helps in maintaining tissue health and also accelerates the process of skin healing in case of injuries.

This vitamin helps promote healthy skin and is used to prevent severe skin problems such as dryness.

Vitamin C: A water soluble vitamin, Vitamin C is essential for maintaining normal growth and development. Higher intakes of this vitamin have been associated with decreased risk of dry skin diseases. Addition of Vitamin C in your diet helps promote synthesis of barrier lipids, which establish stratum corneum with low water permeability.

Vitamin D: The importance of Vitamin D to the body is well appreciated. It assists the body to absorb calcium and thus helps in strengthening the bones. However, the vitamin is also known to have an impact on skin texture. Vitamin D deficiency is largely associated with dry skin. Various studies have shown that apt levels of Vitamin D are important for maintaining right balance of tissues in the skin.

4. Healing Vitamin Deficiencies and Dry Skin

If any vitamin deficiency is the reason for your dry skin problems, make sure you consult your health care provider for proper nutritional analysis. Adding quality supplements of missing vitamins to your daily diet can drastically improve your skin condition, particularly in case of severe deficiency.

Although vitamin deficiency and dry skin are related, but there are numerous other factors which should also be considered while seeking a solution to your dry skin problems. Also, having a prope

understanding of what all vitamins are affecting your skin condition can help you balance your nutritional needs which would ensure a healthy skin.

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