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Tips on getting in shape for your wedding day…and beyond.


Jo Anna Zaffree

Everyone wants to get into shape for their wedding day. We all want to look great in our wedding gowns and honeymoon bikinis.

Getting fit for yourself is the best gift you can give to your new spouse. If you do it together, you can create a healthy lifestyle that will translate to your future children.

I want you to think about getting into shape for the rest of your life. If you start now, you can begin a life long habit of exercise and healthy eating that will keep you looking and feeling great not just on your wedding day, but for the rest of your life!

Getting fit is not only good for your body, it is good for your mental health as well. Exercise is great for relieving the stress of your work day or the happy stress you feel while planning for your big day. The less stress you are under, the better you can relate to your future spouse and the changes that are happening in your lifestyle. This is a time to enjoy, as the world is at your feet.

It is quite simple, really.You can take baby steps. Doing things as simple as the following steps can take off pounds, tone muscles and reduce stress:

* Take daily walks together after dinner

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* Take long leisurely bike rides together

* Join a gym and be workout partners

* Purchase workout tapes for use at home

* Join a yoga or Pilates class

* Use the stairs instead of the elevator

* Don’t just let the dog out, take him on walks

* Play frisbee in the park

* Participate in an organized walk or run that is sponsored by your favorite cause or charity

These are very simple steps that can lead to a healthier you and are easy on your budget as well. Of course there are many more ways to get fit and you should find and stick with those that work for you. Of course you will want to consult with a doctor before starting any strenuous workout regime.

If it’s true that ‘you are what you eat’, what do you want to be?

There are many ways to enjoy healthy meals together and it starts by making the right menu choices. Healthy food does not need to be boring and tasteless. In fact, the best foods for you are colorful and packed with flavor. Pack your grocery cart with lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables, and the combinations of creative, tasty, and eye pleasing meals are endless.

Now for the fun part; cooking together. This is a great time for talking and sharing your day together. Cooking together creates an atmosphere of love and caring. I can think of no better way to end a stressful day at work than you ‘cook’n up’ something in the kitchen with your fianc .

Being healthy from the inside out will also make a huge impact on how your hair, nails and skin look and feel. If you have dry, red, or acne prone skin, you will notice a difference in just a few short weeks of taking in the right foods along with exercise. There are many natural food remedies that are easy to use and can enhance your own natural beauty. Just go online, to your local library or favorite book store to find books on the subject.

The right diet and exercise will also contribute to your ability to fight off illnesses such as colds and flu and help your body ward off other more life threatening disease such as diabetes and certain cancers.

Do it for yourself, do it for each other or do it for your children, BUT- do it for life!

Here’s to a healthy start for a long life of love and happiness!

Jo Anna Zaffree is a professional wedding consultant in Colorado. Her company, A SOLID IMAGE, has just published her first book. Your Personal Wedding Planner is a complete organizer, filled with over 275 Money Saving Tips, usually known only to wedding industry insiders. Valuable tips on everything from attire to transportation. It is a must have companion for busy and budget minded brides.


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