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By Ben Sanderson

Many of us, if not all of us, have heard the word “no” throughout our lives, in many different settings. Authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz have discovered an entirely new way to turn those “nos” into promising and lucrative “pushes” to better ourselves in business, as well as in life. Normally, the word “no” brings thoughts of dejection and despair, however in Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How to Get There Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz teaches listeners to take that simple negative word and use it toward achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. Words are only as powerful as the individual makes them and through this delightful audio book, Go for No!, you will learn how to take the negative power from “no” and turn it into the utmost powerful and positive word you will ever hear or experience.

Read by authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz, Go for No! will captivate and hold listeners’ attention throughout the entire two CD collection. Told as a fictional story, Go for No! focuses on four days out of the life of Eric Bratton, wonderful husband and brother, not-so-wonderful copier salesman. Suffering fear of failure, Eric has an eye-opening experience, during which time he awakes one morning to discover all of the promises that the future will hold for him – including a dream house, if only he can get past the pain and constant worry of failure. If Eric can learn to take those fears and turn them into incentives and overcome his unconscious, self-limiting beliefs, the things that he will accomplish is astronomical.

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How true this is in many lives, not just the fictitious Eric Bratton. Go for No! is a lesson, not only in business, but in life. Whether people self-limit themselves consciously or unconsciously, there is a lot to be learned through this short and entertaining story by Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz. Easy to understand and relate to, this audio book is unlike several self-help books out there on the market today. Books that aim to help but may seem more to preach or use uninteresting strategies to educate people how to overcome fear of failure and/or that preconceived evil word “no”. Go for No! educates while it entertains, allowing listeners to walk away feeling satisfied and with an entirely new outlook on life. Imagine the possibilities that lie before those who are willing to open themselves up to the idea of embracing any possible negativity and learning from it, charging through it, rather than having it stand in the way, like an obstinate roadblock, to success. Envision your life ten years from now. Will it be following the same road as the present, or will it be similar Eric Bratton who was lucky enough to get a peek into his life ten years down the road and the possibilities life holds, if he would only allow himself to smash through that wall of fear. Though it is far from easy to re-program and re-think your life and business strategies, the benefits far outweigh any negatives. Go for No! by Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz will help listeners to embrace their fear of failure and learn to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

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By Himfr Tian

Financial institutions must analyze and study the profound changes in international accounting standards on business philosophy of financial, accounting, financial reporting, personnel training, and many of the financial regulatory system, seriously do the preparatory work.

“The current international financial situation has undergone great change, international finance and accounting areas are undergoing deep changes and adjustments. How to deal with current financial and accounting situation and how to further develop national or regional finance and accounting, to become the world’s various countries and areas and concerns facing. “vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, former vice president of the People’s Bank of China Wu Xiaoling Financial Accounting Society recently held its second seminar on cross-strait financial accounting is so said.

Round of the international financial crisis has exposed the existing international accounting standards, especially financial instruments accounting standards of the pro-cyclical phenomenon, and many other issues too complex, but also triggered the parties to the international accounting standards to improve the recognition should be timely. In response to the international financial crisis on the impact of accounting standards, International Accounting Standards Board, has also released a fair value after another, derecognition, impairment is expected to draft a series.

The seminar, experts said, a true and fair financial accounting information is not only conducive to micro-finance entities to make the right judgments and decisions, but also directly affect the macro-economic management functions of the play. The introduction of international accounting standards to improve our investment environment to attract foreign investment, and promote rapid economic growth created the conditions for stability, but how to use and play a positive role in international accounting standards, as China’s financial sector had to face problems.

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Taiwan’s financial delegation, former president of Zhengding Wang National Chengchi University in Taiwan, said: “I hope the Chinese accounting profession to participate actively in the formulation of international accounting standards, rather than passively follow, should reflect on how to lead the development of international accounting standards to conform our needs, and to further enhance our domestic accounting standards. “

Seminar on Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhou Wei, deputy general manager of accounting department, said IAS Industrial and Commercial Bank produced changes in the fair value measurement on the reform of the reform of financial assets and financial assets for impairment model classification system and other aspects of the reform, which ICBC has brought financial and operational concept changes.

Deputy Secretary for Financial Accounting Society of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission, said Hu Yongkang, deputy director of accounting department, accounting standards reform has become an important international bank regulatory reform component. In recent years, China Banking Regulatory Commission to adapt to the reform and development requirements of accounting standards, and improve macro-prudential supervision, improve the provision for forward-looking provision, development of the dynamic nature of the provision provision provision for regulatory policy, accounting standards to eliminate loss model has the defect occurred. Strengthening the fair value of the prudential supervision by the banking supervision and improve the fair value of financial institutions, content management and control, strengthening of information disclosure to ensure the reliability of fair value and prudence. In addition, strengthening the external audit supervision and strict external audit small and medium banks access conditions, and promote improved audit quality.

However, the financial industry in response to changes in international accounting standards, there are many challenges Shihai. From the cross-strait securities, insurance and accounting firm representatives concluded that the fair value of the current access to and use the difficulty of surviving in the larger, provision for the impairment is also a lack of objective measurement basis. In addition, accounting standards, the existing tax law changes and some differences arise, making the accounting firm grasp of international accounting standards need to update the time; financial institutions also need the technology development, process improvement and staff training, pay a greater cost, that provide support for the implementation of new guidelines.

The experts and scholars also regulatory authorities and financial institutions how to adapt to requirements of international accounting standards recommendations: Financial institutions must be theoretical and technical aspects, a profound analysis and study of international accounting standards change on the financial enterprise management, accounting, financial reporting, personnel training, and many of the financial regulatory system, seriously do the preparatory work. As a regulator, the next step is to make preparations for theoretical research and analysis, positive response to the reform of accounting standards of China’s financial sector. Continue to study and improve the supervision of the financial accounting policies, on the one hand to ensure the effective implementation of the reform guidelines; the other hand, the prudent accounting standards to make up for possible deficiencies. Changes in accounting standards for an adjustment of the regulatory policies, promoting the sound operation of China’s financial industry. In addition, the need to strengthen financial regulators, accounting standard-setting department, tax department and financial communication and coordination between enterprises, monitoring standards and accounting standards to achieve positive interaction, tax regulations and accounting standards to achieve coordinated development.

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Submitted by: Max Johnson

Medical stethoscopes have been an intricate part of our medical and healthcare industry for centuries in one form or another. The shape and accuracy has definitely improved, and now, there are even medical stethoscopes that help filter out the access noise that may interrupt taking proper readings. RPX medical stethoscopes have long been a preferred medical stethoscope for healthcare or medical professionals around the globe.

Stethoscopes help with enhancing sounds that would otherwise be inaudible to the human ear. Medical stethoscopes are utilized to aid in enhancing the sound of blood vessels, the heart, the intestinal system, and other workings of the human body. Stethoscopes have also been used by vehicle mechanics to aid in diagnostics of the engine with lots of success.

RPX stethoscopes offer a reliable and affordable solution to the medical or healthcare professional finding a need for professional stethoscopes. RPX medical products have a positive reputation in the medical and healthcare industry. Of course, there are many medical supply companies that manufacture high-quality stethoscopes. Yet, the professional who demand the best often find that RPX stethoscopes offer more than other medical supply companies.

The RPX medical cardiology stethoscope, the RPX medical classic professional stethoscope, the RPX medical dual head stethoscopes, the RPX medical pediatric dual head stethoscopes, and the RPX medical single head stethoscope are just a few examples of popular RPX medical stethoscopes available on the market today.

The majority of healthcare or medical institutes offer various forms of stethoscopes to the healthcare or medical professionals working within those institutes. The stethoscopes are generally of high-quality, but many professionals working in the medical or healthcare field enjoy having the own personal stethoscopes.

When you can spend under $10 on your own personal medical stethoscope, is there any reason not to have your own?

There are, of course, accessories ago with stethoscopes such as rims and even earpieces. This means that the healthcare or medical professional has the ability to stay safe and secure with in the working environment. The safety is not only for the patient, but for the healthcare worker as well.

Another benefit of purchasing your own RPX stethoscopes is you can customize or have customized fittings for the stethoscope. RPX offers a variety of colors and sizes to suit you and your working environment. In addition, when you purchase RPX stethoscopes, you will find that it is easier to remain secure and save from illnesses, bacterium, and diseases that may be contagious and easily passed.

When you choose RPX stethoscopes for your professional needs, you are making a wise decision. You are making a decision it has been chosen by medical and healthcare professionals around the globe for many years. These innovative and reliable RPX stethoscopes mean that you are getting the most for your money. Many people are surprised at the affordability offered by RPX stethoscopes. RPX cares about you and your patient, and of course, this means providing superior craftsmanship at affordable rates.

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