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Submitted by: Heather Mitchell

Bathroom Counter options tend to be nearly unlimited it appears. Along with brand new supplies as well as systems your own choice is not doable. Nevertheless it never already been a much better period with regard to creativeness within Bathroom style, because for every Bathroom designing concept you might have there may be the counter top area materials, design as well as color to suit your requirements. 1 element which will figure out the selection of Bathroom as well as mirror counter top apart from look as well as price will likely be sturdiness as well as upkeep. Here are a few from the popular Bathroom mirror counter areas you will experience:

Laminate Bathroom Counter tops

A well known option for a long time due to its flexibility as well as cost. Obtainable in a lot of colors, designs as well as textures it’s very simple in order to organize together with your additional Bathroom style components such as walls addressing or even fittings. Whenever set up upon counter tops plastic material laminate resists dampness fantastically and it is simple to preserve. Laminate will come in various levels, however essentially inexpensive therefore do not purchase the least expensive, get money really worth.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Counter tops

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Impervious in order to drinking water, long lasting as well as simple to thoroughly clean tile Bathroom counter tops provide a excellent chance to provide person design as well as character for your Bathroom. Obtainable in numerous colors, designs as well as surface finishes. Actually hand painted. Really flexible. Do not pick a delicate tile and also you should make use of a grout sealer within places subjected to drinking water. Tile is available in 2 surface finishes, glazed as well as unglazed.

Rock as well as Cement Bathroom Counter tops

Granites, marbled, as well as standing will likely be probably the most costly selections for your bathrooms counter top. They possess a wealthy, stylish look and therefore are organic rock that’s very long lasting. Gaining popularity tend to be 2 additional supplies, they’re limestone as well as cement. Limestone offers much more of the distinctive attractiveness when compared with granites and also the additional rock counter top areas. It may be formed, created, inlaid along with items or even colored. Although it provides numerous brand new innovative options cement has a tendency to break simple. Bathroom vanities with granite tops are generally one of the best options.

Strong Area Bathroom Counter tops

Manufactured and incredibly long lasting this particular artificial made from polymer or even polyester is actually very easily taken care of. This is available in diverse colors as well as textures, actually imitation rock. Strong appearance materials can be used in order to fabricate countertops, bath enclosures as well as flooring. It’s not inexpensive, like a issue associated with truth it may price nearly around marbled or even granites. It’s impervious in order to abrasions, drinking water as well as nicks that may happen with time. As well as you can easily restore in the event that required. Strong area supplies use a enduring sturdiness needing minimum upkeep.

As possible observe there’s a counter area option which should match your own upkeep needs, designing as well as bathroom style suggestions along with your spending budget. Irrespective exactly what your individual choices tend to be, your bathrooms redesigning task may enjoy the versatility of the counter options. Your bathrooms might have the up-to-date brand new fashionable appear which displays your look depending on your bathrooms mirror counter top materials option.

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8 Sustainable Building Products Used In The United Kingdom


Jane van Velsen

Any builder, architect or project manager is very aware that sustainable building materials represent the future of home building and improvement.

Reports on the building industry say that commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of green house gas emissions. With this in mind it makes sense that by using more sustainable materials in the build itself we can all help reduce waste and help protect natural resources.

We\’ve worked with a number of designers, builders and architects and it\’s interesting to see just how more ecologically thinking they all are about using sustainable products and materials in the build itself.

Of course it\’s much easier to source products like low flow shower heads, cork flooring, low VOC paints and solar panels for heating than it used to be.

In a recent survey from The National Association of Home Builders it was found that 74% of respondents said that their buyers and renters are willing to pay more for green amenities and 89% of them said that they were installing energy saving house hold appliances and lighting in the houses they were building.

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Here are eight of the top sustainable building products used in the United Kingdom at the moment:

1. Recycled Rainwater Gutter Systems from Lindab

Efficient gutters not only collect rain water but also protect buildings from decay. These gutters use the minimum of raw materials through the use of recycled materials being reprocessed.

2. BBA Certified Natural Building Systems

Pavatex makes high quality insulation from renewable raw material wood. It gives better protections against cold, heat and noise.

3. Solar Hot Water panels

Solar water heating panels on the roof reduce heating bills and give you a good supply of hot water in the home.

4. Aluflash

An environmentally friendly alternative to lead as a weathering flashing material for buildings. It\’s aluminium based and has a choice of two unique surface finishes.

5. Biomass Boilers

Bio fuel boilers for burning wood pellets and logs are easy to install and offer a cheaper fuel resource than gas and oil. They are becoming more popular in homes and offices. The timber fuel is carbon neutral.

6. Energy Saving Ventilation Systems

Ventilation in a house is essential but it also causes the loss of warmth. An energy saving ventilation system ensures good air circulation and removes moisture in a controlled environment.

7. Lime plaster and render

These products are mineral base and selected on the basis of their building and environmental performance. They are all part of breathing wall systems and are non toxic.

8. Rainwater harvesting systems

Every house needs a water system but we use 50% of our clean water to flush toilets, wash clothes, cars and to water gardens. Why not collect rain water instead?

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